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Interview with Julia Stroh - founder of

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Dear Ladies,

please give a warm welcome to our #heroine_of_the_week - Julia Stroh

This wonderful mama is on a very special mission - she is an advocate for healthy kids food and inspires hundreds with her own example and easy to make recipes. Her instagram is lighthearted, but her cause is most important to modern families!

Our children need balanced and rich in nutrients meals and Julia manages to incorporate both greens and fruits into a daily plan and shares her finds, tips and tricks with other mommies via her blog and her Instagram

We got to know Julia as a power lady with a great vision and full of creative ideas. And look at how yummy her photos are!!!

Read Julia's inspiring interview below.

Julia, your Instagram is just yummy! Who inspires you to all these delicious recipes?

My biggest inspiration are my kids. They have very clear preferences and very open about what they like and what not. All my shared recipes are the ones approved by my little ones. Our food should be filling and provide us with important nutrients, but it should be fun to eat and taste good too. These are the factors I try to bring together. I search for exciting tastes in internet, magazines and even on the menues of restaurants our family visits.

Why did you start your Blog and Instagram around healthy kids food?

In Instagram people are searching for stories and inspirations. With my recipes I animate people to eat healthier, to include greens and fruits in their daily life and I show them, that this can work in any family. As you got from the name of my blog: it is all about health of the children. Healthy food builds the basis for a healthy future life of our little ones. Seeing other parents getting inspired by my blog and incorporating my recipes in their routine - this is what makes me happy. My blog is not a place for judgement, but for inspiration and exchange.

Julia, what is your long-term vision for

I want to help other families to eat healthier and to integrate vegetables and fruits into their family menu. I want not only to inspire but to offer practical solutions. Healthy eating is important for every child. Therefore I would like to reach as many families as possible and to excite children about fruits and veggies. For this purpose I planned many projects for MyHealthyKid for the next year.


You are planning an online-shop on your website, could you tell us more about this idea?

For some time now I have been working on my own products that soon will be available in my online-shop. Which products are those I would like to keep a secret for now. In any case it will be something that will motivate parents and children to chose healthier products and at the same time something that will save a lot of time for parents in their daily life.

Your instagram pictures are so beautiful and professional! The quality has also improved immensely over the last few months. Can you share with us how did you achieve this and share some tips with our community?

As in many othr areas apparently the secret of good pictures is the experience that comes with time. I have invested many hours to study my camera, to take part in some workshops, to read a lot about food photography and to analyse the pictures of other successful food bloggers.

There are so many things to take into account: exposure, positioning, colours, mood, etc. It is important to take time for the pictures. And that is exactly what I did and what I'm still doing almost every day.

How important in your opinion are cooperations with other bloggers in order to grow your business?

For me cooperation with other bloggers is extremely important. On one hand we learn a lot from each other, on the other hand we regularly and mutually support each other. I think as a solo blogger it is extremely hard to develop one's own blog. I am lucky to have many great blogger colleagues around me. I can only advise everybody to meet other bloggers personally or online, to build relationships and to make small and big steps forward together.

You have multiple social media channels, do you manage everything yourself, or do you have help? Which channel would you most recommend for entrepreneurs, or would it be rather a mixture?

At the moment I manage everything myself. But often I reach my borders. In the future I would have to change some things. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are important channels to reach my readers. Just as photography, social media is also an important topic to be concerned with as a blogger. One has to be clear about the goals one wants to achieve with one's blog, to find out where are one's readers to be found and what kind of communication is the best for one's readers. Only then one can answer the question which channels are suitable for one's business and which ones can be ignored.

What is your favorite nutritious easy peasy recipe?

Self Made Müsli rich in fruits is my easy done favorite, providing the family with great energy for a whole day. Müsli is fast to create, it is filling and full of good nutrients, tastes sweet for the little ones and there are endless combinations. At home we enjoy Müsli several days a week.

Julia, you are a mom of two, how do you manage your work-life balance? Can you describe your average working day and share some tips for mompreneurs from our community?

There are three things that help me to combine my work, family life and personal needs. First of all, it is good organisation, planning and coordination. Second of all, it is taking regular breaks, when I do what is good for me. And finally, it is learning to set the priorities. Overall, I believe that I manage everythign so good because I do what I really love to do. I love my work and I love to spend time with my kids and I am newly in love with my husband. I draw a lot of energy from all these relationships and am grateful to have my three men in my life. Then I can manage even the days with a never ending my to-do list with a smile.

Who is your female inspiration right now?

I am truly inspired by unconditional love my granny and my mom gift to my kids and myself. This love and their support give so much power to the children and help them grow strong and thrive.

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