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Interview with Maria Sabbah - founder of @tellkiddo

· Handmade,Design,Illustration

Dear Ladies, please meet our #heroine_of_the_week today Maria Sabbah from @tellkiddo.

Maria is a true power woman and our inspiration. After the birth of her son Sam she decided to quit her day job and to dedicate her time to her own label Tellkiddo - a true example of minimalistic swedish design. This independent kid's brand has now become a huge success with customers all over the world.

Maria is full of talents: she is an illustrator, a photographer, a designer, a mother, and a business woman. Having all this she remains the lovliest and so down-to-earth person. If you search for inspiration on monochrome child's rooms interior, or if you look for a stylish way to hide the toys clutter in your little one's room, or if you wish to follow Maria and her wonderful family on their life's adventure, just visit @tellkiddo.

We are very happy, that Maria found time in her busy schedule to answer our questions. Read interview with Maria below!

Maria, we heard a rumour, that you started your business by painting 2000 bags per hand? If this is true, what could possibly be such a strong motivation?

I get that question a lot, what is my drive? What make me never want to stop. And I guess it's the passion and the fun in my work. The positive response from all over the world keeps me going.

Did you always feel confident about your path or were there moments of doubt?

Of course there has been moments of doubt. Just in the beginning when I was working 200% when Sam (then 6 months old) was sleeping, I did not get any rest myself and the question "is this the right way" or should I go back to my "normal" day job instead. But the passion and fun was stronger. And to be able to have a job that allows me to be around the family instead of being away all day is a blast.

If you could give one advice to a woman considering to start her own project, what would it be?

Believe in yourself, do your own thing, sometimes step away from social media, glossy magazines and find your own passion and drive. Talented people don't need to worry so much, but we all have to go trough it sometimes, but the best thing to remember is that everyone is unique and follow your heart.

Which woman inspires you right now?

This is so tricky! I don't have one, I have a bunch! All followed on my Instagram account, 300 lovely people and companies to get inspired by or to inspire.

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