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Interview with Julia - founder of @lieblingsnanny

· Child-care,Babysitting,event management

This young and beautiful Lady has a very special mission at hand - to bring happiness to children and their parents!
To children - by creating a joyous party full of fun games, and to parents - by granting them some careless child-free time. Her heart project @lieblingsnanny provides professional child-care at different events around Berlin: weddings, family holidays, festivals, commercial shootings, etc. Parents can bring their children along without worrying about the constant supervision - they can relax and do their thing while Lieblingsnanny is around!
Julia has put together a great team of child-care professionals with fun and warm-hearted attitude. At her young age she managed to utilize all her versatile talents for creating the business of her dreams.
We are very excited to present you interview with Julia - read it in the following posts!

@ichselbstaendig: Julia, German market is a tough place to start a childcare business: there are so many competitors (e.g. huge portals as, how did you find your niche and what makes your proposition unique?
Julia: Of course there are many services that offer child-care out there, but it is only us who provide families their “favorite nanny” with relevant experience and know-how. Our goal is to grant parents more time for themselves. Lieblingsnanny takes over a complicated search for babysitters and nannies.
It can be compared to a matchmaking service, as the nanny becomes a real member of a family. Therefore we take into account both - personality of a child and wishes of the parents - in order to find a perfect “match”.
We know each of our nannies personally and can tell who fits a certain family better - as every family and every child are unique and need a unique nanny.

@ichselbstaendig: Did your business model change with the time or are you following your original plan?

Julia: Apart from Lieblingsnanny I worked in an event and media industry and knew that my strength lies in event management. The Lieblingsnanny team and I quickly noticed that we really enjoy to work at the weddings, markets, festivals and commercial productions, and changed our focus towards child supervision at the events. Since March 2017 we are not providing long-term nannies anymore, but looking forward to a lot of fun events this year!

@ichselbstaendig: How do families find you? You have such cheerful and happy Instagram and Facebook accounts. Is social media your only source of new customers together with world of mouth or do you use marketing acquisition channels (SEM, Ads etc.)?
Julia: Actually, the word-of-mouth works best for Lieblingsnanny. It happens almost by itself. I have also tried sponsored posts on facebook and noticed that people are interested in what we do. Thus, we not only search for the weddings&events ourselves, but also the clients come directly to us.

@ichselbstaendig: Do you remember the day, you decided to found Lieblingsnanny?
Julia: The idea of Lieblingsnanny came to me on one of the beautiful summer evenings, when I got a call from my former clients: We need someone, very urgent! Due to my education and long work experience in child-care I had contacts to both the nannies and nanny-seeking families. Since my own time was limited, I started to connect my friends to the families, and with big success. Over time some long-term relationships developed and the idea of Lieblingsnanny was born.


@ichselbstaendig: You work a lot on events and different locations, how does your regular working routine looks like (do you work alone or in teams, equipment, games etc.)?
Julia: Most of the locations offer an extra room, so that not only we can have our children-party, but also the parents can have a child-free time. We have a big choice of equipment - we bring games, books, blankets, cushions, stuffed toys, music and tents. Of course we can also provide anything else. Depending on the schedule of the event we plan our games and do arts and crafts with kids.


@ichselbstaendig: How do you handle different roles you have to undertake as a business owner? What is your biggest challenge at the moment?
Julia: My biggest challenge is this one thing that is definitely not among my strengths: NUMBERS! But the challenge is there to make one grow. And all of (children) us likes to grow, right?

@ichselbstaendig: Lieblingsnanny has so many young, enthusiastic and friendly nannies, how do you decide who fits into your team?
Julia: Most of the nannies are from my friends and acquaintances circle. I was myself a babysitter for 10 years and I know, that empathy and humor are a key to perfect nanny-child relationships. Therefore it is important, that the nannies are devoted and love what they do. Of course, all of them have experience with children. Lieblingsnanny team consists of children’s nurses, former au pairs, tutors, pedagogy students.


@ichselbstaendig: Julia, you live and work in Berlin, what is your absolutely favorite spot in this beautiful city?
Julia: I like to spend time with children at the children’s farm in Mauerpark, at the blue playground in Weinbergspark, and especially I love to eat ice-cream in Rosa Canina in Prenzlauer Berg.


@ichselbstaendig: Dear Julia, here comes our favorite question: Which woman inspires you right now?
Julia: I have many strong women in my friend’s circle. Every one of them creates something big, and that makes us mutually stronger.

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