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Every stroke creates a little piece of art, not just writing. The process of making requires patience, determination, and discipline. Calligraphy is a game of mind, body, and soul. It can be a meditation and a healer.

If you wish to refill positive thoughts, read mindset changing quotes, and observe beautiful art of modern calligraphy our today´s #heroine_of_the_week account is a place to be.

Christin Stapff from @maedchenkunst has an incredible story to share. Her journey was not always easy and it took a while to gain trust in own power, to let creativity be the wings, and to open to all the unexpected possibilities of entrepreneurship.

Today Christin is passionate about what she is doing, is a positive thinker and an inspiration for many who still struggle to allow themselves to be anxiety free and to live their lives on own terms.

Read @maedchenkunst encouraging interview below and enjoy her beautiful creations alongside.

Christin, you create such beautiful & inspiring things with Mädchenkunst. Do you remember where it all started: when did you discover your creative passion?

I was very creative early on. Others girls got dolls for their birthdays and I got a canvas with acrylic colors. No surprise that my favorite subject in school was art. I remember my mom telling me, I could become an artist or study art. I didn’t like that idea because I just didn’t know how to earn money with that. I left school in ’08 and there wasn’t any Instagram around that. ;) So after school I traveled, worked, got certificates but I was never quite happy in a job. I was always very passionate but after a while a got very bored doing the same things every day. At the same time I was struggling with my anxiety disorder and daily panic attacks. I was living with panic attacks and anxiety for over 7 years now, but it got worse, that I couldn’t go to work anymore. I physically couldn’t drive the train anymore, because I was in so much panic. I decided to take a break from work and actually start a healing journey for myself. I didn’t want to take any pills, so I read every self-help book I could find, started meditation, healthy eating and cognitive therapy. Around the same time I discovered Instagram, Pinterest, motivational quotes and modern calligraphy. I was practicing calligraphy EVERY single day for a year or so. After a while I started my own lettering Instagram account and uploaded some photos. I was very much struggling posting at all, because I was so afraid, my lettering is not good enough. I received so many positive and loved feedbacks from the German lettering community that I was motivated to practice and upload more and more. In this process I not just discovered and healed myself, but I know now that the creative entrepreneur is the right path for me.

Mädchenkunst inspires and wakes interest for modern calligraphy, do you believe that anyone can be a creator with no limitations?

Yes, I do think anyone who WANTS to be a creator can be a creator. Not everybody is made for modern calligraphy I get that but I want to encourage every woman to try and test until you find something, you are really passionate about whether it is dancing, crochet, embroidery, fitness, baking or so on.

Is Mädchenkunst your main project or are you currently working on something else?

Mädchenkunst is currently my main project. I also test out some online marketing ideas at the moment. I have a dream for 2 new projects but there are still things I need to learn before I want to start them. (Well and money is a thing ;) I actually see myself as multipassionate who loves to try new things because it feeds my creativity.

Was it a hard step for you to start an entrepreneurial journey, or was it rather a smooth transition?

It was sooo hard - Not the techie side. It gets easier every month I think. There are easy website builders, helpful tools/ software and so much free content telling you how to use them. You just have to put in the work and the time. And if that doesn’t work you can still ask people.
What people don’t often realize is the mindset side of entrepreneurship. For me overcoming and dealing with my anxiety was the hardest thing to do. I was scared to ask people for help, because I thought I can do everything on my own. Or conversations in my head were like: “I have this great idea for a new product!” 3 seconds later my brain was saying: “Well, who wants to buy this anyway? Maybe it is not good enough and you waste your time.” I started coaching business women in terms of Social Media Marketing a few month ago and I saw this a lot in young women. To learn how to push through those thoughts can be life changing. For me mediation helped me a lot with that.

Is there a certain mindset that stands in a way of women, who want to change their lives but don’t know how?

Great question! There are a lot of mindsets standing in a way. “Business is for men.” “Horse (or whatever you are passionate about) riding is just my hobby” “I am not good in sales/ with tech.” I also hear a lot people saying: “You want to be a female entrepreneur? Your husband must be earning good money.” That is just false. EVERY woman can be an entrepreneur and doesn’t need a rich boyfriend for that. I mean you don’t say to a guy: “You building your own company? How do you finance that? You must have a rich wife.” And a last one for women also is: “Oh, I have this self-doubting thoughts, so I am not made for the entrepreneur journey.”

You currently offer local Workshops in Neuenhagen, are there any plans on creating a web course for more broad audience?

Another great question! :) I am in the making for my first course right now. Stay tuned!

What would you advice to a woman, who wants to start her own business project but is hesitating to start?

This question actually gives me chills, because it excites me so much to encourage every woman out there to follow their path to become an entrepreneur. If you are hestitating go and find like-minded female entrepreneurs. You don’t need to meet them in person. You can follow them on their blogs, podcasts, instagram or youtube channels. If you find people you actually can relate to buy their products or courses. Listen to them and listen to your body reaction. Are you excited? Do you still want to do it? Start! Trust your path and you will find a way. If you don’t already have it, create a vision board and reasons why you want to do it.


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